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scanRTRobert Tupper was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in April 1967, and was raised in West Concord, Massachusetts.  He is a watercolor artist, father and inmate in the state of Pennsylvania.  Robert has donated his watercolor paintings to over 180 (of the nearly 400) National Park Service Sites, as well as many other charities and museums.

He was a finalist in the 2009 National Easter Seals contest for art that appears on the annual Easter Seals stamps.  His watercolor portrait of Gretchen Wilson appeared in full color in the November 30, 2009, issue of COUNTRY WEEKLY, a nationally distributed magazine devoted to country music.

In October of 2011, two of his watercolors were selected for an exhibit of inmate art at the Samek Art Gallery at Bucknell University at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. This event was cosponsored by the Lewisburg Prison Project and the Samek Art Gallery.

Robert paints a wide variety of subjects.  He does, however, particularly enjoy creating portraits of Native Americans and images of Native American life in the 19th century, wildlife, and other nature-oriented subjects. He works from photographs and illustrations; he has not visited the majority of the sites he has painted.

Robert has stated:

“I hope you will find my work to be well and good and of use to the park and visitors.  My goal is to earn a name as a painter of fine watercolors as well as some kind of good name for my children . . . What I hope people will get from my paintings is that even though I’m an inmate, not all inmates are “throw aways”.  I love my country and with so many men and women fighting for our country I am unable to serve, so I hope to serve my country with my artwork.”

You may contact Robert directly by writing him :
Robert Tupper
1 Kelley Drive
Coal Township, PA 17866-1021

If you would like to make a donation/gift to Robert to defray the costs of art supplies or postage, please go to and follow the procedures outlined on the home page. Thank you so much, in advance, for your help.

In July of 2016, Robert received the following letter from President Barack Obama.

Rob - Obama Letter



  1. Robert, I love the chapel painting and have used it as my desktop background since I viewed it. Keep up the good work.

    • For Art Sake Gallery
    • Posted July 23, 2012 at 9:43 am
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    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for sending me a letter asking if I can display your work in my gallery. Unfortunately I have sold out the gallery part of the business but i am still doing custom framing. You are a very talented artists and i wish I could help you but I am no longer selling art work in my store. Keep up the art. You are GOOD! I wish you the best in the future for your art career.

  2. Dear Robert,
    I have enjoyed your artwork on this website. I think you are a talented artist and applaud your dedication to your artwork and trying to raise yourself above your sitiuation. I hope to see your artwork in various museums around the country. i would love to buy notecards with prints of your paintings for induvidual sale. If there is any chance that you would be producing these in the future please put them on your website.
    Beth Blevins

  3. Hey daddy, I miss you. I cant wait to see you. I think about you every day. Showing your artwork to Josh’s mom. By the way, his mom wants to see if you would possible look into/create some artwork of members of the Mic Mac tribe, some of their family member history. Tribe is from Nova Scotia. I love you daddy.

  4. Hi Robert, thank you for writing to me at Jackstraw Gallery in Grand Lake, Colorado… I enjoyed your web site and wish I could help you. I only do my art in the gallery for lack of space and my gallery is a working studio. I am also an interior designer and will definitely contact you if I do an interior space that could use your art. Keep it up because you are rising above circumstances and God will honor you. I was touched by your daughter’s letter. I hope you are released soon…and can reunite with your children. This is a wonderful legacy. Thanks again.

  5. Hey Robert!
    This is Amy, from As You Like It Gallery & Frame Studio (Chalfont, Pa). Thank you for sending me your letter to get me to your web site. I am impressed with your artwork, attitude & your intention. After the holidays I will check back about doing business with you. Keep up the good work!

    In my thoughts & prayers.

  6. Hi Robert
    We would love to have one of your painting in our museum .. I wlll be sending you a size we can handle to hang up and
    a few pictures to help you with your painting. Thank you Shelly, Anasazi State Park Utah..

  7. Hello Robert and thank you for your kind offering of creating a piece of art for our beautiful State Park. I would be delighted to hang an original Tupper and I will be sending you some pictures that may aid you. In reading your history, I saw the mention of inmates. Each year our parks hosts 2-3 weeks of work for a crew of soon to be released inmates – incarcerated at a nearby drug and alcohol facility. These men who are completing the public service portion of their sentence and are more than happy to spend those weeks doing manual labor in a beautiful outdoor wilderness setting. These men always give more than 100% in each job we ask of them; whether it be building a new foot bridge over a wet area, tearing down old buildings, mowing away years of invasive plants, etc. I never consider them throw-aways, as it is I that have the privilege of the work experience. It’s a win win for each party. Thank you for volunteering to share your talent to share with the many visitors who will enjoy the painting.

  8. I am robert Francis tupper’s youngest daughter stormyapril. I wanted to thank everyone on his behalf for the courteousness and the wonderful comments you have all left my father may have guns and his past bad thing but I believe it shows in his work how beautiful he can make life big she is a caring and wonderful painter and really appreciate everything everyone has said I want to say thank you from my family to yours sincerely the tupper family

  9. Dear Mr. Tupper, Thank you for contacting the Hazleton Art League. I enjoyed seeing your work. The Art League hosts several exhibitions each year, including our annual members exhibit and our affordable art exhibit that takes place in December. I will keep your info on file and contact you when exhibition opportunities arise. In the meantime, you can learn more about our gallery by going on our facebook page which is updated regularly. Thank you for your interest in our gallery. Mark Charles Rooney, manager

  10. Hi big brother,
    Ur art has grown so much over the past few years.
    It’s always been amazing but u have really crafted ur gift.
    Ur truly spectacular!…..i love u…..keep being u

  11. Is this the Rob I knew as a teenager in Ma??? I think it is…..

  12. My name is Jon McBurnie. Mr. Tupper is a dear friend of mine and a mentor. I have witnessed the long hours, love, dedication, and passion he puts into each and every painting he does. He is very grateful to all who give him the privilege of painting for your establishment or just personal pieces. I can speak first hand and would like to be able to relay the message to all who read this site that Mr. Tupper is truly a compassionate man. He is a loving father and does every thing so that his children may be proud of the man who is their father. He thanks you and can not express his gratitude enough to all who believe in him and give him a chance.

  13. Thank you Robert for reaching out. The gallery is not taking on any artists. Keep up the great work and thank you for considering us for your fine artwork.

  14. Hi daddy you are my life I miss you and even though we just talked on the phone I wish I could call you every day just to here your voice I am going to try to send you the pix I have i just took but not shore if I will beable to do it till I get a mini printer Lol any way’s I love you always have always will!! 😁😁😁😁 💓💗💓💗

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